At The Country Veterinary Hospital, we believe an animal hospital should be a welcoming place where pets come to heal.

Our goal when we set out to design our animal hospital was to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere where you and your pets will feel right at home during each visit. If you’re curious about what it’s like to visit our animal hospital, browse the images below. We’re glad to answer any questions you may have about our facilities or your pet’s care.


Browse the images to get a feel for our hospital, or schedule an appointment to see it for yourself!



Our interior was designed with you in mind. We want you to be at ease during your visit, because a comfortable owner leads to a calm and happy pet.

  • Rustic Touches

    Most of the rustic touches in our building came from the reclaimed materials.

    Inside you’ll find ceiling beams made with reclaimed wood, brooder lights, and other elements that put the “country” in Country Veterinary Hospital!

    Most of the rustic touches in our building came from the reclaimed materials harvested from the old farmhouse that was on site before we broke ground.
  • Clean & Healthy Environment

    We think a clean, inviting hospital is important for your comfort and your pet’s health.

    Our Inn and Spa include a three-tiered bath and luxury suites with private outdoor patios for pets. We have private rooms and suites for both cats and dogs for our boarding and daycare services.
  • Quality Pet Care

    In our treatment hub we have the most modern diagnostic and treatment tools.

    In our treatment hub, you’ll find ICU wards with large windows so we can keep many eyes on our patients without interrupting their recovery.

    Our hospital also includes all of the most modern diagnostic and treatment tools to make faster more accurate diagnoses and treatments.