Treatments & Procedures

If your pet needs more than routine care, the staff at The Country Veterinary Hospital is here to provide you with the treatments and procedures they need to enjoy a long and healthy life. Our surgeons are experienced in providing specialized care to meet your pet’s needs.

    Radiology is used to diagnose many conditions in dogs and cats.

    We’ve invested in the best complete digital radiology system available. This allows for perfect images to aid in faster more accurate diagnoses and provide the highest quality care for your loved one. We have the ability to safely acquire images with limited radiation to our patients. All images are stored in your pet’s files to refer back to during future visits.

    Smelly breath, if left untreated, can lead to serious health problems.

    Your dog’s smelly breath isn’t just an inconvenience–if left untreated, dental issues can lead to more serious health problems like heart and kidney disease.

    We offer specialized dental services including ultrasonic cleanings, tooth polishing, and extractions as needed. We also have a full line of preventative dental care products.

    As your pet ages, they may begin to experience problems with their eyesight.

    Keeping your pet’s eyes clear and pain free is a top priority for their well being. We utilize multiple treatments to keep your pet’s eyes healthy.

    Tonometry: Identify fluid pressure in the eye and determine your pet’s risk for glaucoma.

    Ocular fluorescein staining: A procedure that utilizes dyes to locate scratches in your pet’s eyes.

    Schirmer eye tear testing: Used to assess tear production or lack thereof.

    Here at The Country Veterinary Hospital we utilize laser technologies for many of our surgeries.

    Laser surgery has been shown to reduce post-operative pain and inflammation and speed up recovery times. Post operative laser therapy utilizing the Companion Therapy Laser is used to stimulate cell growth after surgery, which will help to speed healing and minimize inflammation during the aftercare period.

    Laser therapy utilizes the body’s own healing powers by stimulating cellular activity. These treatments are commonly used for wound care, arthritic conditions, skin problems, and slipped discs. Be sure to ask if laser treatment might benefit your pet.

    If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, rest assured they are in the hands of skilled surgeons experienced in the removal of many types of tumors.

    A common cancer treatment for pets is surgical removal with biopsy and surgical margin analysis. Chemotherapy may be utilized for non-surgical masses or systemic disease such as lymphoma.

    Quality of life is always our first priority. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for you and your pet during this process. If you have any questions about your pet’s risks, diagnosis, or treatments, make an appointment today.

    Each of the treatments listed above are usually a product of an initial exam and diagnosis.

    We will thoroughly discuss your pet’s options for treatment and keep you informed every step of the way.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your pet is coming into the hospital for any procedure requiring anesthesia, do not give your pet any food or drink the night before their procedure. Contact us for any questions or to request more information about your pet’s procedures. No two diagnoses are alike. Together we’ll come up with a custom plan that you and your pet’s doctors can agree on which meets the needs of you and your pet as best as possible.

No two diagnoses are alike.

Together we’ll come up with a custom plan that you and your pet’s doctors can agree on which meets the needs of you and your pet as best as possible.